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An Attitude of Gratitude

I have a secret weapon in my recovery tool bag – the Gratitude List. Oh I know, you’ve heard all about gratitude lists, but when was the last time you made one? Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed or in fear, the fastest way out is for me to make a quick list of fifty things I’m grateful for.

When I mention this to people, their first reaction is fifty?! If fifty seems like a lot to you, too, it’s just because you’re not in the habit of making gratitude lists. The secret is to list the things you’re grateful for that are centered on what you are feeling anxious or fearful about.

For example, when I’m in financial fear, I list all the things around finances I’m grateful for. These usually include that today I have a place to sleep; my rent is paid; the electricity is working (and it helps when I think of all the people who don’t even have electricity!); I have money in my pocket; I’ve always earned money and did so yesterday or last week/month, etc. This works for every topic, and after you get started fifty comes easily.

Today my life is good; I’m appreciative and I know serenity because I know how to develop and live in an attitude of gratitude. Source:

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