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by Dr Naomi Wolf

The Most Devastating Interview of my Life — with Dr James Thorp: How HHS Paid Millions to get 1000s of Drs to Damage Women; Hurt, Kill Babies.

I interviewed fetal-maternal medicine specialist Dr James Thorp recently; he has been one of the very few medical providers for pregnant women and babies, to have raised the alarm about massive damage to women and babies via the mRNA injection. The interview, in a transcript below that I have edited for clarity, is one of the most important exchanges of our time.

In this interview, Dr Thorp describes how he was unceremoniously if not injuriously fired by his health system employer – though he was among the most published of his colleagues. He described the results of a FOIA launched by his wife, attorney Maggie Thorp, and himself, that revealed $13 billion in funding to “influencers” to promote the mRNA injections, including surfacing a contract with a for-profit OB/GYN NGO that oversees tens of thousands of obstetricians and gynecologists on two continents.

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