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NZ: First Prosecutions of Govt Officials for Covid Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide

On Saturday 17 June 2023 an historic event took place in New Zealand. A dedicated team of men and women have opened the first sovereign independent Grand Jury Court of justice, Te Wakaminenga Kooti Wakanga nui of Nu Tireni – New Zealand. The Court will deal with civil and criminal claims for all Sovereign Nationals of Nu Tireni NZ who register with the Wakaminenga Maori Government under the jurisdiction of Tikanga and He Wakaputanga.

The first case has been brought by the members of the Wakaminenga Maori Government on behalf of all the people of New Zealand. The case deals with alleged breaches of the sovereign law of He Wakaputanga and crimes of genocide and against humanity.

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The Maori Elders of New Zealand (Maori rulers for the last 700 years) decide that the Government of New Zealand is…

guilty and sentence it to up to 10 years in jail.

Māori Government prosecutes four high-ranking New Zealand officials for committing crimes in response to the covid pandemic – The Expose (

“The first case was brought by the members of the WMG on behalf of all the people of New Zealand. The trial dealt with alleged breaches of the sovereign law of He Wakaputanga, the 1835 Declaration, and crimes of genocide and against humanity.”

“On 11 August 2023, four high-ranking New Zealand government officials were summoned to appear before the Court to have the charges against them confirmed. The four accused were former Prime Minister Christopher Hipkins, former Minister for the Public Service Andrew Little, former Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield and Medsafe Group Manager Christopher James.”

I wonder why Ardern and the criminal justice and health systems were not also indicted.

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