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Bad news on booze

It’s easy to understand how persistent heavy drinking, or periodic binge drinking, could damage one’s health. But what about moderate drinking? Doesn’t an occasional tipple, or a glass of red wine with dinner, as per the much-vaunted Mediterranean diet, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease? And what about the famous J-shaped mortality curve – the notion that people who have 1-2 drinks per day have a lower risk of premature death than both people who drink more heavily, and people who never drink at all? 

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Pausing that Alcohol Habit

What if I told you I’d found a tablet that could make you sleep better, think clearer, concentrate longer, run faster and help your immune system? That doing one simple thing could bring such a wide host of health and wellbeing benefits. Well, what if I told you that instead of taking something new, you […]

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