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Magnesium Chloride Success Story

Jeff from Sydney sent me his magnesium miracle story in the form of a letter he wrote to his physician. He’s happy to share it to help spread the message about magnesium. The letter should strike a chord with many readers who interact with modern medicine doctors. But the hopeful message is that magnesium is a simple but essential nutrient that can change your life.

Jeff told me that he had rigid back, neck and shoulder muscles that led to twenty-five years of chronic headaches. Doctors gave him steroid injections and pain killers until one finally recommended remedial massage. The massage worked well on the symptoms, but didn’t get to the cause. From his experience with these doctors Jeff concluded that they can only treat the symptoms but are unable to get to the cause, and dietary or nutrient excesses or deficiencies are not within their scope.

Here is the letter that Jeff wrote to his pain specialist to try to educate him about magnesium.

Dear Doctor,

Since I saw you last I have finally experienced a dramatic and remarkable improvement in relation to the chronic headaches that you treated me for. I must initially point out that you were the first doctor, in at least ten years of my seeking treatment, to physically examine me, rather than just relying on x-rays and the description of my symptoms. Consequently, you immediately identified my tight and sore neck muscles as being the likely cause of the headaches, and not arthritis as was the usual diagnosis until then.

Following your advice, I saw a physical therapist and was given a set of exercises and stretches to do at home, along with a strong recommendation to get remedial massage treatment.

As a result, and primarily from the massages, my muscles were stretched and untangled, and my headaches diminished. This proved to me that your diagnosis was correct, as the steroid injections for the arthritis had only a minor benefit.

However, the headaches and muscle problems always resurfaced after a few weeks or even days, and so I was looking at lifelong expensive massages. A bit daunting, but it was the only thing that worked.

Then a few months ago my daughter suggested that I take magnesium chloride, which she said assists with tight and sore muscles. After a week or so, I noticed some improvement, and after one month my headaches and muscle pains had all gone. I no longer needed frequent massages. Now, four months after starting on it, I am still improving.

I’ve had no headache for over three months. I’m able to resume normal activities and I have far less severe flareups from overdoing things. Before, I would usually suffer two days of awful pain to recover; now it is a half day of much milder pain. Feeling so much better tempts me to do too much too soon, but I am learning to pace myself better. I no longer dread going out for the day. As well as the dramatic pain reduction, I am sleeping better, and much more even-tempered.

I’m not sure how you can take advantage of my experience, but I’m convinced that there is some worthwhile knowledge to be obtained by conducting some trials with magnesium.

I have mentioned this success to my GP, but predictably he is sceptical and shows little interest. It seems that doctor training largely ignores nutrition, diet excesses and deficiencies, and concentrates solely on drug treatments. For instance, my GP was also unimpressed by the massage benefits that I reported to him.

I don’t want to appear critical of my GP in particular, but from other discussions it seems that his attitude is typical. So I don’t expect change anytime soon. Nevertheless, I feel that the magnesium benefit is too large to ignore, so I’m spreading the word where I can.
It is interesting to look back on my previous treatments that in the end did not get to the root cause of my problem, but just eased the symptoms.

Firstly, I had nine steroid injections over three years, for a cost to the medical system of nearly $6,000. It was not a cure, and I could have continued these expensive treatments for the rest of my life, no questions asked.

The massages were much more beneficial, and I spent about $2200 on them. Not a cure, but a worthwhile treatment.

The cure, magnesium chloride, will cost me far less, yet as it is not a drug, almost no one in the medical field wants to know about it.

I hope this is all of some interest to you, and that you conduct your own research into the use of magnesium chloride for muscle problems.


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