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“Easy” Orgasms: An Unexpected Magnesium Side Effect

In addition to ridding herself of gag reflex, insomnia and chronic muscle pain… a reader reported that supplementing with magnesium has allowed her to have consistent orgasms.

“I was on Paxil to keep my sanity,” Susan writes. “I was miserable.”

It wasn’t until she pulled out her 1971 university textbook, Introductory Nutrition, that she discovered the great need for magnesium, and began taking magnesium daily.

After a few days: “My muscle aches magically disappeared except for my sore jaw (which I suspect will take a while to heal). I feel better than ever…. I am smiling more and being friendlier.”

She’s even started weaning herself off the antidepressant. “If I need the Paxil,” she says, “I will continue — but I suspect that the magnesium will do the trick.”

And now for the unexpected side effect…

“This is embarrassing, but it is also amazing,” Susan says. “After a week on magnesium, I had an ‘easy’ orgasm. Then a second time. I think: Gee, this is nice. Third time, I think: This is weird. Fourth time: It must be the magnesium!”

Makes perfect sense. Magnesium allows the muscles to relax.

In addition to making sure you get enough magnesium, you should also reduce your consumption of alcohol, coffee and black tea (which cause you to urinate out your magnesium).

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