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Asthma: Canine and Human

We know that:

Research shows that many patients with asthma and other bronchial diseases have low magnesium.

Both histamine production and bronchial spasms increase with magnesium deficiency.

Many drugs used in the treatment of asthma cause a loss of magnesium, only making symptoms worse.

Magnesium is an environmental detoxifier, reducing the triggers for asthma.

Magnesium relieves stress to alleviate the emotional triggers for asthma.

Patients treated with simple magnesium supplementation report marked improvement in their symptoms.

A reader’s dog had asthma attacks, so she applied “magnesium oil” to the dog’s belly, and it worked. It prevented attacks, and it also stopped an attack when she applied it immediately. She said the best way to apply the magnesium was to spray it on the hand or a cotton ball, and rub it on the dog’s skin, thus preventing it from running into the crotch. (Magnesium needs to be diluted with water 50-50 or more, of course.)

You can make “Magnesium oil” by simply adding water to Hippocrates Pure Food-Grade Magnesium Chloride.