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You are so much more powerful than you know.

If you’ve swallowed as big a red pill as I have in the last 30 months, you probably have plenty of days when you think, “What can I, an ordinary person with no political clout, no giant fortune, and no media megaphone do, to push back against the relentless encroachment of the predator class?”


But you have so much more agency than you realise. They/them/those – the people who just won’t leave us alone to live our lives as we see fit – actually need us to cooperate in our own subjugation.


If our opinions and behaviour didn’t matter, they/them/those wouldn’t spend vast gobs of money on researching how to persuade us to think and behave in ways that suit their purposes.


The Global Walkout, initiated by Reignite Democracy Australia founder, Monica Smit, is all about taking back our power, as individuals and communitites, so that we can walk out of the prison that we’ve all been unwittingly building for ourselves.

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