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First, we must advise that we have had no vaccines at all since 1966. So, we have not experienced any adverse vaccine reactions. And, at age 78, we’re in excellent health,.

For many well-documented reasons, we do not recommend any vaccines. ( See And, if you have already had one jab, we do not recommend another.

If you have suffered a bad reaction, we do recommend you immediately boost your immune system with:

Colonic irrigation
Sunlight and/or Vitamin D3
Organic Rose Hip Granules
Organic Magnesium Chloride Granules
Zinc Gluconate Powder
Atlantic Dulse Powder
Happy Bowel Powder
Organic Maca Powder
Organic Wheatgrass Powder

The finest organic baked foods (free of soy, sugar, gluten, additives, preservatives) at

And following – every day for the rest of your life – the principles detailed in TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH AND ESCAPE THE SICKNESS INDUSTRY

We have seen reports of good results from certain homeopathic remedies, and from white pine needle tea. However, we have no experience with these remedies.

You have our best wishes. Do be good to yourself and your family always….