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by Robyn Chuter

Ok, so I told you masks don’t work to prevent respiratory virus infection and transmission, and now the latest Cochrane review has confirmed that they don’t work.

Aaaaand, I told you that neither influenza vaccines nor COVID-19 vaccines preventinfection with, or transmission of, the viruses associated with them, and now Dr Anthony ‘I Am the Science’ Fauci himself has confirmed that neither they, nor any other vaccines for respiratory diseases caused by viruses that replicate predominantly in the respiratory mucosa, prevent infection or transmission.

Let’s try for three for three.

I told you back in May 2022 that Merck’s antiviral drug molnupiravir (sold under the brand name Lagevrio) generated mutated versions of SARS-CoV-2 that were shed in recipients’ nose and throat secretions, and could potentially lead to new, transmissible variants of unknown virulence. Our fearless drug regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), airily dismissed the significance of this finding on the say-so of an unnamed ‘independent expert’:

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