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by Robyn Chuter

Vaccine-induced antibodies don’t confer immunity against viruses that replicate primarily in respiratory mucosa – like influenza and SARS-CoV-2. Says who? Says Anthony Fauci.

In last week’s post, I told you that masks don’t work to prevent viral respiratory illness. Not for source control, not for infection protection, not when worn in a healthcare setting by properly-trained professionals. They Just Don’t Work.

Previously, I told you that influenza vaccines don’t prevent infection with, or transmission of, influenza virus, here, and here. I also told you that COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infection with, or transmission of, SARS-CoV-2 herehere, and here, and here, and I explained why here.

In a nutshell, all the injected flu vaccines and all the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ currently on the market induce production of antibodies that travel in the blood (immunoglobulin G [IgG] and circulating immunoglobulin A [IgA]), but SARS-CoV-2 replicates in the mucous membranes that line our airways (the respiratory mucosa), not in the blood. The type of antibody that is required to stop this respiratory mucosal replication is secretory IgA (sIgA). None of the COVID-19 vaccines induce production of sIgA, and neither IgG nor circulating IgA can reach the respiratory mucosa.

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