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By Dr Naomi Wolf

Bear with me, I am in Hospital

Beloved readers, I’ve been silent for some time, and I feel I owe you an explanation. Last Monday I suffered, in ways I won’t trouble you by describing, and our wonderful friend and the gifted healer Dr Henry Ealy advised me to check in to the local ER.

I was found to have a ruptured appendix, and in the morning I sustained an appendectomy. An acute infection was involved somewhere along the way, for which I am still in the hospital, being treated.

That may be TMI already, but I tell you everything that I think is germane – as any nonfiction writer should do, I believe, or at least those in my genre of transparency.

I have some ideas about how to share earlier unpublished work with you that I think you will enjoy, while I heal, so you are still hearing from me.

Meanwhile, some thoughts:

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