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Will Your Years Be Lucky?

The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health is a book that presents a Utopian view of health data mining that will be used by allopathic medicine to promote more drugs and medical procedures. As the author states,

…data is becoming one of the most powerful health care tools around—helping to generate a staggering volume of new knowledge and technologies in medicine. Scientists are developing drugs to reverse once-fatal ailments such as heart disease and figuring out how to harness a person’s immune system to melt away cancer.

Is this writer living in some alternate universe where he actually believes that “Scientists are developing drugs to reverse once-fatal ailments such as heart disease and figuring out how to harness a person’s immune system to melt away cancer?” Or am I totally missing the boat and there is a realm in which people happily take their 6-10 drugs a day and ‘dance like a kid again’? I don’t think so!

Every day I hear from those unlucky patients who have been on their 6-10 drugs and desperately want to get off them because of the mounting side effects. And the news reports about drug side effects are becoming more commonplace. Using FDA data for the years 2004-2015 a research company called HealthGrove identified the 150 drugs with the highest number of adverse reactions and published the first 50. The number of reported side effects for the first 15 drugs was 1.24 million and the percentage of serious side effects was around 75%. And that’s only 10% of the total. How in the name of sanity have we managed to accept drugs that carry so many side effects and not even blink and not even imagine there are alternatives? That’s not even the worst of it. Only about 4% of drug side effects are acknowledged by doctors and even fewer are reported. So, the true numbers are swept under the rug.

In The Lucky Years, the author enthused about a new high-tech test called VirScan, which can identify more than a thousand strains of viruses from 206 species, reflecting the entire human “virome” from one drop of blood. He says

The application of this type of test will be astounding. We’ve long suspected that viruses may contribute to chronic ailments such as heart disease, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.

Don’t be surprised when VirScan is used to promote hundreds of vaccines to “prevent” chronic ailments while exposing people to mercury, aluminum and RNA fragments from viral particles. I’m afraid the love affair of allopathetic medicine with drugs is never going to end – a certain segment of the population will keep the myth alive that drugs are the “cure” they are looking for.

Fortunately, there is the 1% of the population that is turning to natural medicine solutions. Yes, I’m sure it’s only a handful of people who are getting the message and the only way that will change is if you spread the message. It may sound like a fear-based message – that drugs have tremendous side effects – but it’s not, it’s a reality and the other reality is that there are solutions. Only you can take that first step to a healthy future!

By Dr Carolyn Dean