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Soy and Cancer

Soy represents a $4 billion industry built on the filthiest lies and the flimsiest so-called science – including the latest nonsense.

A new study claims a lipid in soy can help fight colon cancer. That’s led to the usual wave of nonsensical headlines that might make you think soy is already a proven cancer cure.

But hold the tofu – because the only thing soy is proven to do is make you sicker and weaker… and if you’re male, it’ll make you less of a man, too.

The new study, published in the journal Cancer Research, finds that sphingadienes give fruit flies some kind of protection from mutant cancer cells. And because soy contains this lipid, they’re drawing the conclusion that soy fights cancer.


This isn’t a conclusion – it’s massive leap of logic.

Not only is it highly unlikely that soy will cure anything, let alone cancer, but this junk is about as dangerous a substance that’s ever been sold as food.

Soy contains hormones that mimic estrogen. They do such a good job of it, your body even thinks it’s estrogen.

That’s why soy products have been linked to breast cancer in women, and prostate problems and sexual dysfunction in men. Research has also found a connection to heart disease, allergies, compromised immune systems, thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems.

And all the whacked-out vegans and hippy health-food nuts who swear by soy are clearly eating too much of it – because another one of its side effects is declining mental function.

Here’s what you need to know about colon cancer: Catch it early, and you’re fine, no tofu necessary. Colonoscopies are one of the few reliable cancer screening tests. If you’re due for one, get it done – and if you care at all about staying healthy, skip the soy.