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Sluggish Thyroid Gland?

A sluggish thyroid may be triggered by many unseen causes, including…

01 MSG and bad fatty acids, so common in the typical diet, can weaken the thyroid.

02 A deficiency of iodine is on the rise, and without enough iodine, your thyroid won’t produce the hormones you need.

03 As you age, your risk of an unbalanced thyroid dramatically increases.

04 Prescription drugs for the heart, bones and blood sugar can lead to a sluggish thyroid.

05 Exposure to fluoride or chlorine in drinking water can interfere with normal thyroid function.

06 Menopause, pregnancy and treatments such as Estrogen Replacement Therapy can disrupt the thyroid.

07 Polyunsaturated oils and autoimmune difficulties also disrupt the thyroid.

The ONLY oil we recommend is Hippocrates Pure Food-Grade Coconut Oil.