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Prisoners Sue Over Soy

An Illinois (USA) District Court judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed against the state’s prison system for serving excessive amounts of soy in prisoner meals will move forward. Judge Harold Baker agreed that the case itself has validity, and that forcing high amounts of soy on prisoners could constitute “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Soy began replacing other foods in the Illinois prison system in 2002. Prison inmates suddenly became inundated at that time with “meat” and “cheese” that was made with up to 70 percent soy protein product. Even the system’s baked goods began to be reformulated with high amounts of soy flour and soy protein.

Many inmates began to report severe health problems, such as stomach and digestive tract pains, heart palpitations, constipation alternating with serious diarrhea, hypothyroidism, thyroid disease, and chronic infections.

The Illinois case aligns with a similar class action lawsuit recently filed in Florida against the Florida Department of Corrections. There, inmates reported many of the same health problems, alleging that the system has been negligent in addressing the health problems caused by soy.

These two cases represent a significant issue that affects many millions of innocent Americans (and Australians) every day — the widespread use of soy, most of which has been genetically modified (GM), and is clearly linked to serious health problems.

Millions of schoolchildren worldwide are likewise forced to eat lunchroom foods laden with GM soy. So, if these two prisoner cases are successful, they can set a precedent for millions of others to potentially seek damages as well.

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