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Mobile Phones Cause Tinnitus

Many agree that mobile phones cause cancer, but few realize that the devices are a major cause of tinnitus, a distressing hearing problem. Even using a mobile phone for 10 minutes per day increases tinnitus risk by 71 per cent, researchers have discovered, and the risk doubles for those who have used a mobile phone for more than four years. The overall risk for any use is 37 per cent, compared with someone who does not use a mobile phone.

Researchers made the discovery when they compared the records of 100 tinnitus sufferers with a similar number of healthy controls. Most tinnitus sufferers said their problem was on the left side, where they held their mobile phones, and 29 per cent said they also suffered from vertigo.

(Source: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 2010; doi: 10.1136/oem.2009.048116).

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