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Juice For Health

Adding fresh juices to your diet can be one of the best things you can do for your health. When you juice, you can take in far more nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables. And these nutrients both protect us from disease and boost our health and vitality.

For example, it’s easy to consume the nutrients of a kilo carrots in a day by juicing them. And while carrots are well known to be rich in vitamin A and help with our night vision, carrot juice is also a great juice to detoxify the liver. Vitamin A is also a key nutrient for skin health.

Detoxifying your liver means that your body can eliminate more of the chemicals that people are regularly exposed to. Because your liver is also your prime fat-burning organ, detoxifying your liver will also mean it’s easier to lose excess weight.

Cabbage is another vegetable you can pack in with carrot juice – and it’s been found that people consuming cabbage have far less cancer than people who don’t. Cabbage also boosts our body’s detoxification enzymes and helps us remove environmental estrogens. Environmental estrogens are chemicals are often found in plastics. They fill the estrogen sites in both male and female bodies, which creates an abundance of estrogen in the body and cause hormonal problems. Excess estrogen is also connected to stubborn belly fat.

Greens of any sort are another favourite for juicing. Greens are powerful because they add lots of chlorophyll to the body, a powerful blood cleanser and blood builder. Chlorophyll is similar in structure to our own red blood cells.

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