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Computer Posture and your Health

As you read these words – don’t move a muscle. Remain in the exact position you were when you started reading this message.

Okay, now observe your posture (without moving). Are you hunched forward? Are you slouching? Is your body twisted in some way?

If your spine is not erect, your chin parallel to the ground and your feet flat on the floor you are putting stress on your body (unless you’re in a reclining chair). That stress might not feel like a big deal right now. But it can lead to severe pain in your body over the years.

Possibly you are already experiencing some of that pain. Your sitting position when at the computer can be a big factor. Do whatever you need to correct your posture…

  • rearrange your desktop
  • get a bigger monitor (or connect your laptop to your television)
  • increase the font on your computer screen
  • put your computer on an elevated drawing desk and stand while you work

These are the simple secrets most chiropractors and surgeons don’t tell you. While professional help can provide emergency relief if your condition gets out of control, only correcting the “muscle imbalances” will ever bring real health.