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7 Steps Toward Your Ideal Health. Give it 7 Days!

01 Every day for 7 days, soak a wide variety of raw seeds and nuts in the fridge for 24 hours. Use your imagination: carrot, rocket, lettuce, broccoli, beetroot, rose hips, chia, carob, almond, pecan, Brazil nut and more. You may add fruits such as banana, apple, blueberries to sweeten. During this week consume no other solid foods, no caffeine and no alcohol. (You may add FRESH juices, if you wish.)

02 Exercise every day. We recommend the gentle Hippocrates Daily Exercise Program. And, if you’re feeling more ambitious, do a long walk or attend a local Pilates studio.

03 Have colonic irrigation. “The fastest and easiest way to detox.” Find a colonic therapist near you, or have enemas with the Bagenema at home.

04 Drink two litres of filtered water every day.

05 Meditate for 20 minutes, twice every day. (We know, it’s difficult at first.) Simply force yourself to sit quietly, with no distractions.

06 Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Sure, we all face challenges and obstacles in life. But – for 7 days – focus on all of the good things in your life. Write a list every day.

07 During this week, you may also want to slowly cut back on any prescription or OTC drug intake

We GUARANTEE that if you follow these steps daily for just 7 days — your life will change for the better. Just do it!