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Hats Off to the Old School Anti-Vaxxers. They Were Way Ahead of the Game.

It’s overdue that I take the time to tip my cap to the Ol’ School Anti-vaxxers. I tip my cap, and place a feather in theirs. They understood way back when, prior to the manufactured crisis that was Covid-19, the right each and every one of us has to say “No.” “No”, especially as it pertains to one’s body, is fundamental. It is indeed sacrosanct. “No”, as I have stated before, is the most important word in the dictionary. “No” is a survival word. If a child is about to put a fork in an electric socket you don’t scream, “Yes!” You scream, “No!”

The right to say “No” must be kept intact. Intact means when an individual asserts “No” on his or her own behalf — it is respected and not undermined, overruled or circumvented. If you’re offering me a product, even if it’s supposedly a perfect product, I should always have a right to decline the offer. If what you are offering me pertains to my body and my health, then the importance of the right to say “No”, becomes exponential.

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