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Recent reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm that 2 million excess deaths have been recorded since the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections.

Your Government and Mainstream Media are insisting the cause of this shocking rise in deaths is merely a coincidence and have thrown out excuses such as “climate change”, a crisis in healthcare, and even hypochondria which they renamed ‘Long Covid’.

But the evidence clearly suggests that whilst the Covid-19 injections may not be to blame for all of the excess deaths suffered since the roll-out, they are by far and large the biggest contributing factor. And one of the reasons why is the huge effect they have on the immune system.

Rather than improving the state of your immune system, Covid-19 vaccination has the opposite effect. With official Government reports suggesting the damage caused can be so severe that it can lead to what can only be described as COVID Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome.

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The Pfizer Effect: Government Reports suggest COVID Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome is partly to blame for 2 million Excess Deaths in the West over the past 2 years – The Expose (