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“Cultured” or “Vegetarian Meat” is Neither Cultured Nor Vegetarian.

By Karen Kingston

“Cultured meats” are new, multi-species biosynthetic organisms that are grown in a lab and often use embryonic cells as “starter material.”

Originally posted July 17, 2023: In early June, Stew Peters and I exposed many of the lies Americans are being told about the current food supply, specifically the lack of disclosures regarding the lab-grown manufacturing of ‘meat’ using many of the same multi-species gene-editing technologies and biotechnology reagents found in the COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticles that are known toxins to humans and other biological life forms.

It’s probably of no surprise that the general takeaway from SynBio (synthetic biology) market research firms is that farmers, ranchers, and many consumer are against the use of synthetic biology in their food supply, water supply, and even in medicine.

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