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Australia should have been the world’s ultimate public health and Covid vaccine success story – the nail in the coffin for Team Reality and the Great Barrington Declaration.

Australia did just what the Bill Gates-funded gurus wanted.

It locked down early and hard and stayed that way for almost two years. It closed its borders and responded to local outbreaks with even tougher restrictions. Australian police used drones and automated license plate readers to check if people were more than a few miles from their homes.

The restrictions largely “worked.” (Putting aside their cost to civil liberties, education, and mental health, of course, since those don’t matter to Covid fanatics.) Through the fall of 2021, Australia had few Sars-Cov-2 infections and almost no Covid deaths.

But now Australia’s Covid success story has a new ending – and it may hold very hard lessons for vaccine advocates.

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Australia, once held as the example of the best response as they slandered USA; waves were not getting back to baseline (see 1st graph); now look, surging Omicron cases. how? they had best lockdowns! (