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by Adam Piggott

Yesterday I grabbed a sandwich for lunch at a little bar close to where I plug away at things. I’ve been frequenting it a bit lately, and have progressed from being a stranger to a local. So much so that the lady who runs the joint felt confident enough to spontaneously share her thoughts on the Covid shenanigans with me while I was drinking a coffee at the counter.

Why is it, she asked me, that not a single politician died of Covid and yet thousands of aged pensioners passed away. As far as she is concerned, the pretend virus was a convenient excuse to do away with a large number of elderly citizens, and thus saving the government a pretty penny on pension payments.

Let’s not forget that one of the main reasons for the importation of masses of incompatible foreigners has been the argument concerning aging populations. Of course, the low birth rates were caused by a combination of government initiatives, such as mass contraception, no fault divorce, and the general cost of bringing up children. With mothers no longer at home and the cost of outsourcing child care, it’s a lose-lose situation for families.

At some point it might have been that various government heads needed to do something about the looming financial crisis around social security and pension payments. Thus, the global release of an artificially created virus along with the mass roll out of poison vaccines. It seems that the fentanyl overdoes weren’t catching on with the elderly so something had to be done.

I did a search for politicians around the world who had succumbed to the Big C virus or the subsequent clot shots, but I came up empty. The only politicians to expire in that time were various African and Caribbean leaders who mysteriously died of various bullets to the back of the head after refusing to get with the global disease agenda.

And it’s not as if politicians are pristine examples of good living. Some of the current health ministers around the world would give the actor who played Jabba the Hut a run for their money if the casting call was made today.

These types of casual conversations are happening more and more now, as people seem to be waking up to the great cons that have been and are in the process of being played. But I no longer rub shoulders with the world of the professional managerial class, which perhaps explains why I’m hearing these arguments more. For those with careers, as opposed to jobs, not getting with the vaxx roll out was professional suicide for the most part; such an act clearly signals that you’re not the type to get with the program, when your entire career depends on just such an approach.

The lady running the local bar, the mechanic who fixes my car, the self employed guys that I know; they’re the ones who not only didn’t get the jab but who are able to intelligently process the overwhelming mass of information and come up with reasonable rationales for why things went down the way that they did.

Or in other words, people who have based their entire life on being seen as smart sure don’t want to risk losing that ride by suddenly donning a tin foil hat. Smart is thus the new stupid.