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Newsletter 10 March 2023

We have updated our website to allow you to Claim your compensation and damages from the Australian Governments via our MAHA Australian Federal Court Class Action

All you need do is go to and press the ‘Login’ button at the top right hand of the home page

Enter your email and MAHA will send you an email which you need to respond to, to verify your email

Once you do this, you will be able to enter a password and all your details and categories of suffering, loss and damage you have endured through the actions of the Australian Governments during this false Covid Pandemic and any loss or damage that you have suffered as a consequence of having to take the ensuing enforced experimental gene therapy poisonous ‘Covid’ injection which they have falsely called a ‘Safe and Effective’ ‘Covid’ vaccination

In your detailed description, please categorise your suffering, loss and damage as described on our website

Our website has multiple security safeguards stopping any attempt at illegal access to any of your data

Keep your password in a secure place and don’t share it if possible

Your data will be presented to the Australian Federal Court during the MAHA Class Action proceedings

Solihin Millin, the Plaintiff, accepts all Liability. You will not be under any Liability

When we Win the MAHA Class Action your data will be used to quantify your damages and compensation that you will receive from the Australian Governments

MAHA request that you consider donating 10% of you compensation received to our MAHA Humanitarian Not for Profit Charitable Trust for Charitable use

This MAHA Class Action automatically will cover compensation for all 26,333,119 Australians

MAHA have completed our Expert Witness database and are now using it to contact all potential Expert Witnesses and collate Expert Witness data for our MAHA Class Action

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