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Dear Readers,

Recently I posted a letter from a jabbed reader “To my unjabbed heroes” that gained lots of attention, mostly positive.


I believe this letter was so interesting because it was a perspective we often don’t hear: a jabbed person who appreciates the sacrifices made by the unjabbed. It was also a powerful call to unity, which is something that ‘they’ certainly don’t want, because it means that whatever ‘they’ try in the future, there will be fewer people who comply. We depend on each other for survival: let us never, ever forget that. Indeed, our jabbed writer stated:

When these (covid quarantine camps) first came about, my initial reaction was “I WANT A JOB IN ONE”

Why, you may ask? Because, like others, I had a fear these would become internment camps for the unvaccinated. As a jabbed person, I wanted a job there so I could give the people there – the unvaccinated – a voice! I wanted to record stories of the wrongdoing, the bullying, the separation, being ripped from your life. I would still do this today. I’m not real tech savvy but I’m damned sure if I had evidence/stories I’d find a way to get that out there. As it should be.

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