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It is probably worth reviewing the toll that the Covid gene-modification injectable has wrought on the sporting fields of Australia, following the recent seizure and hospitalisation of the star footballer, Clayton Oliver, from the Melbourne Demons. On October 12, Oliver (nickname Clarrie – he’s from Ireland) suffered a “seizure” and hit his head when falling. He required hospitalisation for tests. Seizures are implicated as an adverse reaction to the Covid ‘vaccines’, although no one is making that connection despite the Australian Football League having tough vaccine mandates during the jab mania of ‘Covid’ that made it certain Oliver had been jabbed. Dan ‘Rubber Bullets’ Andrews also had a strict mandate requiring all professional sportspeople to be fully jabbed to be able to play in Victoria (the home of AFL football).

Things had gone a bit quiet on the sports vaccine injury front in the recent past, following a spate of high profile adverse reactions earlier on in the vaxx jubilee, raising hopes that the worst may be over. That may have been a false dawn, it now appears.

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