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Across Australia elected and appointed authorities, many hopelessly brainwashed by green propaganda, are panicking because lots of people are pushing back against the totalitarian, WEF-Agenda 20-30 program being imposed on their councils from above.

Melbourne and Adelaide people in particular, are putting the wind up their local councils, simply by turning up at meetings and making their views heard about so-called Smart City plans with their China-style surveillance and data gathering systems.

The ABC is stupid enough to describe these actual plans and programs being implemented worldwide as “conspiracy theories” and has been running silly scare stories about councils being threatened by radical right wingers and “sovereign citizens” like Melbourne man Darren Bergwerf, the founder of the growing My Place groups such as those at Greensborough and Yarra Valley.

My Place groups, usually on Facebook, state their goal as “to implement a project that allows us to step away from the current systems that are not serving our best interests. As we all come together and share our skills, knowledge, and support, we can gradually build the individual sectors where the services can be accessed by all.”

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