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When the world went crazy in March 2020 with drastic lockdowns and sundry ‘social distancing’ stupidities, it was with stunned amazement that I watched the snowballing Covid hysteria and prairie-fire panic that gripped both elite and popular levels of society in a seeming instant. That month was the start of a surreal nightmare, one that held the vast bulk of the population in its sway for over two years.

So, why was I one of the apparently very few who could see the sheer absurdity of sidewalk swerving and the magic six feet of separation (“six feet safe; five feet danger!”), the ludicrous patrols of cafes by police with tape measure in hand and the ‘caution tape’ that roped off children’s playgrounds, the ludicrous orders to only leave home once a day and then not to travel more than a specified distance from it, the outlawing of the handshake and its replacement with the asinine elbow-bump? What was it about those people, like myself, who could not, and would not, comply with any of this nonsense?

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