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Despite the immediate threat of Covid having long passed, vaccine mandates are still in force in some workplaces across New South Wales and the Premier says he is not able to overturn them.

Vaccine mandates caused major controversy and massive social divisions when they were introduced, with many arguing that they encroached upon human rights, specifically the right to freedom of choice and bodily integrity.

At the time, there were a number of failed attempts by individuals to have mandates rescinded in the courts, which proved to us all that the Berejiklian Government’s power to enforce the jab under Emergency Public Health Laws, was unlike anything we had ever experienced in our lives before.

New South Wales was no exception, all of the states and territories took their own individual approaches to Covid-19 vaccine mandates, but those in New South Wales, and Victoria were considered to be the most harsh.

Thousands of people lost their jobs and were ostracised from communities because they didn’t want to be what they considered ‘coerced’ or  ‘forced’ into having the jab.

Fast forward to 2023 – the significant threat once posed by Covid and its variants  is subsiding and we have a new Premier who has ‘strongly encouraged’ both the public and private sector to scrap vaccine mandates, because, as has long been recognised, “there is no evidence that the vaccines stop transmission.”

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