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by Robyn Chuter

Health authorities have repeatedly stated that you’re more at risk of developing myocarditis from COVID-19 than from the ‘vaccine’. They lied.

Remember when the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ were sold to you as completely safe and effective? Sure you do.

Remember when the authorities who told you they were completely safe and effective, admitted that they ‘very rarely’ cause myocarditis and pericarditis (collectively called ‘myopericarditis’)? You almost certainly do.

Remember when those authorities told you that you should take them anyway, and give them to your kids, because the risk of developing myopericarditis (or other cardiac pathologies) as a complication of COVID-19 was greater than the risk of developing it as an adverse reaction to the experimental transfection agent? And remember when they told you that this very very rare myopericarditis was very very mild? I’ll bet you do.

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