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2021: Western Australia.

“Unvaccinated people should be shipped off to a camp and liquidated.”

This is what my neighbour of many years said to me after months of a media fear campaign against the unvaccinated in Western Australia.

The Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, called protestors and dissidents “drongos, idiots, morons, absolute cretins, and I could use worse language than that…all they do is endanger themselves…they endanger their families, they create social disharmony…a pack of morons” “grow a brain” ” (you are) not normal” ” (you are) wacky, nutty, dangerous” and “irrational.” All protestors were equated with violent thuggery.

People in Western Australia who went against the narrative were demonised in the media, isolated and “othered” by the government. Even as we paid taxes, we were called “burdens” and locked out of the society we were paying for.

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