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by Steve Kirsch

I invite every fact checker in the world to fact check me on this one. I have the name of the facility. It’s critically important that this be validated so that the world is informed of the risk.
The fact checker who does this will be famous!
Not only will they verify this facility, but I think from my survey I’ll have many more examples to fact check to show this is the norm and not a fluke.
I will document the fact checker’s assurance that when the facts are verified that I was telling the truth, they will actually run the story and not kill it.
Maybe this will be the first time that a fact checker was able to verify evidence that the vaccines are killing more people than they save?
Fact checkers can reach out to me at the Contact me link and I’ll get right back to you!
But let’s not stop there…. let’s give these fact checkers even MORE data to explain away!
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