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Newsletter – 27 February 2023

The next step – Responses to MP’s

So, if your MP or Senator HAS responded to your first email or letter, what then? We believe that many have received a “standard response” that does not address the questions asked, nor answer any of them.

Our website’s Resources Page has two drafted responses that you can use as follow up if you have not received a satisfactory response to correspondence 1. The templates are designed as a base and the ‘firm’ response asks for answers to direct questions to avoid the “my office has taken note of your concerns” non-answer that is often the method used to avoid providing a meaningful response.

Following up by phone or in person armed with the questions in the firm template is another way to make sure our representatives know we are not going away without a satisfactory answer.

The resources page also has links to videos and more information.

An Invitation to our weekly Thursday night Zoom

All the latest news from Australia Exits the W.H.O. and a guest presentation. This week’s presenter is Professor Robyn Cosford with “How can we live to a healthy 100?”

Topic: Weekly Meeting Australia Exits the W.H.O.

Time: Thursday night     

  • 08:00 PM Sydney / Melbourne
  • 07:00 PM Brisbane
  • 07:30 PM Adelaide
  • 05:00 PM Perth

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


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International Concerns

People across the world are fighting for their nation’s sovereignty and freedom as the implications of the WHO power grab are becoming apparent. This video from Free NZ provides some excellent points and references Stop the WHO:

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty in NZ with Helen Tindall

Our work continues….

Just as Britain Exited the EU, Australia Exits the W.H.O.