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In October 2022 I argued that the Western Australian government was on the path to genocide of the unvaccinated (or rather democide – the killing of a civilian population as a result of government policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect – although I use the term ‘genocide’ for brevity):

I argued that the state of Western Australia came extremely close to the terminal condition of Stanton’s stages of genocide against the unvaccinated, fuelled by a terrified public whipped into a frenzy by the media and the Premier Mark McGowan’s frequent press conferences demonising the unvaccinated.

Combined with the scenes from across Australia where protestors were subjected to physical violence at the hands of the state, the past three years have been dangerous to be unvaccinated in Australia. We have been subject to personal, professional and state-based violence in ways that a vaccinated person cannot comprehend as they showed their vaccine passports to enter the pub and worksites and in many ways continued living their lives. While some vaccinated are injured and dead now, our journeys to 2023 have been rather different.

We are entering the ‘denial’ phase…

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