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The sickest generation of children ever…
8 out of 100 students are now on NDIS. Nothing to see here – just keep obeying the government.

Over 15 years ago, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a figure from a census that had been conducted at the time. I am doing this from memory so excuse me if this is off by a percentage point or two. At that time, 48% of all Australian children under the age of 12 were being treated for at least one chronic condition. No wonder we have forgotten what a healthy child looks acts and grows like! They are now as rare as hen’s teeth.

If you want to have your memory jogged as to what the vibrant health of children should be, go and visit your local unvaccinated family and you will find out. As I found with my 2 vaccinated older children and 2 unvaccinated younger kids – the difference is night and day!

Our children’s health has deteriorated in the last 30 years or so to the point where they may be the first generation in history that will not survive longer than their parents did – a horrifying possibility to contemplate!

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