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The Australian People finally have an opportunity to get some answers.

Leaders and public health officials the world over chose to ignore the Great Barrington Declaration advising against Covid lockdown measures, only to observe its evidence-based predictions come to pass.

Australia’s major parties were no different and continue to remain silent about their refusal to follow our own pandemic planning, where they instead opted for lockdown measures that turned Australia back into a penal colony.

This has resulted in untold detriment to millions of Australians that was unneeded.

Why decades of science was ignored continues to remain largely unanswered.

In Australia there is a proposal for a Royal Commission into Covid-19, a court style tribunal of inquiry that could greatly assist the Australian public understand the reasons behind the denial of science when dealing with Covid in our country.

This Royal Commission requires even greater support than the Great Barrington Declaration received, if the truth is to see the light of day.

Australian and New Zealand lawyers Julian Gillespie, Peter Fam, and Katie Ashby-Koppens have been working with a group of Australian doctors and scientists for creating proposed Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission, to ensure the Commission is properly empowered and given clear instructions about what needs to be examined and investigated.

Answers from a Royal Commission created by the Australian People – and not the public servants it is meant to investigate – is what is needed. And is long overdue.

Please visit the Terms of Reference created for the Australian People, review the Terms of Reference, and show your support by becoming a Co-Signatory.

If you don’t sign-up to send Canberra the message with our numbers, they will do it again.

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