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Children’s Health Defense has put out a call to action to sign the Health Freedom Bill of Rights.

The World Health Organization (WHO) AND the United Nations (U.N.) are in the midst of attempting unprecedented global takeovers of public health that will change our future if we do not join together and stop them.

Right now, the WHO is amending the International Health Regulations (IHR) and drafting a “Pandemic Treaty,” aka WHO CA+. These documents create the legal framework for the WHO to declare public health emergencies at will and then manage global public health in response.

It also gives the WHO authority over pandemic preparedness, which includes extensive surveillance of people and animals to identify outbreaks early and allows the WHO to act as the single authority for infectious disease mitigation, prevention and treatment protocols for anything they deem a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

In other words, the WHO would become “the world’s doctor, medical czar,” control the public health narrative and censor opposing viewpoints.

Simultaneous actions by the U.N. are underway, with it recently announcing it is seeking the power to manage global emergencies.

Join us in resisting this global pandemic response by signing the Health Freedom Bill of Rights below. Sign to let the WHO and the U.N. know that we are paying attention and will not comply with this consolidation of power at the hands of global unelected leaders.

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