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Being lectured to, condemned, ridiculed and hated by elitist bullies is bad enough on a single day or for one issue.

This behavior went on for over two and a half years, for nearly a thousand days, in a thousand ways. The economic, social, interpersonal, and educational costs associated with the idiotic mandates and unscientific policies will last a lifetime for many, and certainly shortened the lifetimes of many more.

Clearly, most people harmed by the myriad of bad policies and bad attitudes by the virulent anti-critical thinking crowd are no where near ready to forgive. There could be a time for that after court cases are adjudicated, government bureaucrats fired, politicians kicked out of office, and the books and the science comes out from behind the shadows. When the ghoulish merger of government and big Pharma and the medical institutions is destroyed, and we gain back the freedom we should have always had with regards to our health care decisions and actions, then there could be time for forgiveness.

I’d like to see a 12 step movement embraced and acted upon…

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