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A recent study found that 99.5% of medical specialists can’t calculate a basic probability equation. That’s not good news for patients.

‘Of the many “how did this happen???” questions that swirl around the manufactured COVID crisis, one of the most troubling has been, “How did doctors fall for all of this?”

We’ve come to expect politicians to lie to us, in order to serve the interests of their real constituents (who plainly do not include you and me). And Yes Minister taught us that we should expect “public servants” to lie to us, either by commission or omission, because it ain’t the public that they’re serving:

But doctors? Aren’t we supposed to be able to trust them to make decisions in the best interests of their patients? And aren’t they supposed to be highly educated men and women of science, deeply versed in the scientific method, and well-equipped to dissect studies and spot their flaws?

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