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Absolutely correct, a 5th generation war is what we are in right now and all people are on the battlefield whether they know it or not and whether they chose to be or not. This war we are in is on a level few can conceive of let alone believe is what we actually are experiencing. The deaths are real and the numbers dying are accelerating with Australia’s excess deaths, meaning an excess above expected multi-year trends, are believe 13-15% or more above past totals and growing in number year on year. 

I have learnt from people far more knowledgible than I, that in this war the weapons being deployed against the people are weapons of war being deployed in commerce which makes this a truly unique war and one in which traditional weapons and methods will not be effective in countering let alone winning it. The enemies of the people are not ‘Over there’ but right here amongst us and for most unrecognised. This is not conspiracy theory, the evidence is in and compelling, and replicated to varying degrees in almost every coin try on earth. 

So along with a group scattered around the globe I have joined in a commercial process of a mass action of liability to remove those controlling the weapons ranged against us from positions of influence and control by the same means as they have been deploying their weaponry – by commerce. And it appears to be working – should do as this action is built of great experience together with the knowledge learnt in the trenches of Law and commercial activity. 

This war also appears to be reaching into realms not easily accessible, in jurisdictions not obvious to most or in which most of us have little or no knowledge and experience of. Across at least 17 countries altready and focussed upon agendas in progress worldwide the rollout began late last year and is accelerating. The first link below is a video from 2017 that explains what has grown and developed since then into a Mass Action of Liability on a worldwide scale.

One class of weapon are devices that spy, gathering private data by covert means with seemingly innocent objects like a smart meter, face recognition, digital I/D’s and so much more we simply accepted . Much more is in use gathering masses of data almost everywhere from inside our homes to all the places we go, all transactions we make, and the most ubiquitous is the cell phone. You should know the rest of this.

Another weapon appears to be vaccination, not just the mRNA jabs but ALL vaccination which is it seems actually an invasive chemical attack on all people that has no basis in science and extremely little evidence to support the claims made for the supposed benefits trumpeted to support it. The evidence of the harms is vast and the book Turtles All The Way Down, is just one more comprehensive treatise illustrating the lack of any meaningful foundation and the manifest harms created.The more we look deeper into so called modern medicine and its practices the more sinister appears the intent – much as Elaine expressed.

It may be difficult to comprehend that around 40 years ago the processes that almost exactly and eerily predict what has transpired these last three plus years of worldwide pandemic mania occurred with the AIDS/HIV pandemic. Listen as it is laid out clearly with the second link below. 

Wireless Radiation many identify as 5G, is a data gathering and localising system many have yet to wake up to for the other aspects or characteristics of this military derived system – and yes the military have their own 5G system not governed by civil regulations or exposed to public scrutiny. 5G type radiated energy systems can be directed quite accurately and with sufficient power can disable, disrupt activity, maim and kill. It is believed to have been originally developed for these purpose for use by military and security forces. There was no true consumer demand that could justify the enormous expense of the build out of these systems and despite the push to promote take up of 5G devices to use the network, its primary use still stands clear. Industry have admitted no safety testing on people or environment have been done or are planned to be done. ARPASA simply rubber stamped the ICNIRP advice and failed in their required function to independently evaluate for health effects. We must ask why? 

If anyone would deny that these can be weapons of war, deployed by means of commerce, then let them bring their evidence, independently verifiable evidence that are not empty claims alone, and if necessary require they swear an affidavit with two witnesses that it is true with a penalty of perjury if it is proven not to be.

Inpowermovement intro video 

Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS With Celia Farber | Childrens Health Defense

(7) The First World Mind War – by Robert Smith PhD (