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At this point, cultivating optimism should be our sacred duty to the future generations.

Amidst the breathtaking pace of global events, many people sense that humanity is at an important crossroads. One path could lead to a dystopian future of totalitarianism, permanent warfare, and a radical decline of prosperity and liberty. The other path leads to a better future, even if many of us can’t quite envision what that future might look like, let alone how to advance in that direction. The first option is easy: we just have to obey, do as we’re told, and our invisible overlords and hapless leaders will take care of the rest. The blueprints have already been drafted and disseminated. 

Frequently salvation comes precisely when it appears as though all is lost – Leo Tolstoy

The other option would require a bottom-up mobilization to steer the ship in the direction that 99.99% of us desire: a more beautiful, more gratifying living in greater prosperity and fuller liberty. It would require that we use our own imagination and creativity to formulate solutions to the many problems our societies face.

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