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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

First, and most importantly for today’s day and age, never consider yourself to be a “worker”. Never think in terms of getting “employment”. Think of yourself as an independent contractor, and even if you get a regular job where you are considered an employee, continue to think of yourself as an independent contractor who just happens to have one client: your boss… or the company you work for.

In that way, you will always have the right attitude. You are there to add value to your boss. Many, especially in the socialist western world, seem to think that their employer owes them something. They do… they owe the wage and environment you agreed to work under. After that, it is your job to ensure you add enough value to make paying you worthwhile.

Secondly, if your goal is to make a good amount of money in your life, always be learning new skills and always be improving yourself. When we were younger, at every coffee break and lunch break, we were reading or studying to learn a new skill. If you are going to get a small job to pay your bills, one of the best types of job to look for early on is a kind of job where you can even be reading/learning while you work, such as where you are mostly sitting around and not doing much most of the time. Parking garage attendant or security guard, for example. Anything where you can be reading and learning new things while getting paid for it.

What you read and learn depends on what you want to do, but one of the best things you can do to give yourself options is to learn another language. Again, the language you choose will be based on your preferences. You already have a big advantage: you speak the international language, English. So, all you need to do is learn a second one and you will open a world of new opportunities. Obvious ones include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian -although even learning Cambodian, for excample, can open doors if you desire to work or live in Cambodia.

The easiest way to learn a language is to live in the place(s) it is spoken. So, again, look for employment in a foreign country. Instead of spending tens of thousands on tertiary education, consider travel part of your education and either save up or ask your parents to give you some starting capital and do some backpack-style economical travel. It’s important to not just have one place in mind, but to go to a number of places and then figure out where you like best… that’s because nothing is ever how you think it is. Whatever you’ve read about or heard about a place is likely mostly wrong.

When you get to a place, try to meet as many people as you can. Be interested. Be motivated and ALWAYS be listening for a way you can help someone. That is all capitalism is… finding the best way to use your abilities to help someone who needs your particular skills the most. Even offer to do a job free for a few days or weeks so you can demonstrate the value you will bring to the venture.

Finding good workers is VERY hard. If you are one of them, there will ALWAYS be opportunities.

Many have said that, to succeed, one must simply:

  • Be on time.
  • Finish what you start, at the agreed price.
  • Say please and thank you.

This sounds simple, but hardly anyone does it. The most important thing an employer wants from his employee or contractor is trust that he/she will be on time and finish the job. Many people don’t even do that… and then wonder why they never seem to get ahead.

And, finally, work to get yourself outside of the system as much as possible. Also, look to make your living via the internet… in that way you can work from anywhere. Plus you can set up your affairs to get paid outside of your home country. Through proper planning, and getting residency or citizenship in a country that does not tax the form or type of income you earn, you can pay minimal income tax. And you don’t have to pay into any of the socialist “services” that you will never see. By not paying into those things and minimizing income tax, you can save large amounts over your lifetime that would have otherwise been paid into the black hole of your government.

That’s another reason to look for work in other countries… many won’t have the debt or demographics or socialist structures which mean anywhere from 30-70% of your income gets eaten up to pay for things you don’t want or never will see. Hong Kong, as example, has a flat 15% income tax, which is much lower than most western countries.

In short, always be learning, keep your life as mobile as possible, detach yourself from overindebted socialist western governments, try to earn income in ways that are low tax or not taxable, be on time, do what you say you are going to do and say please and thank you. And you’ll be hugely successful in life!

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