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By Robyn Chuter

With dementia now the 2nd leading cause of death in Australia, a comprehensive strategy for preventing it is a must. Recent research points the way.

My article about the gut-brain connection in Alzheimer’s disease, and the protective role that fibre could play in this dreaded condition, sparked some lively discussion and some excellent questions.

Given that dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) is now the second leading cause of death in Australia, and the leading cause for women, the lives of all my readers are going to be touched by it in some way.

I figured it’s high time, therefore, to survey some other (relatively) recent studies on the prevention and early treatment of dementia.

To help you develop your own dementia prevention plan, I’ve dividing the research findings into ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Part 1 will cover the don’ts, just to get the negative stuff dealt with first, and Part 2 will do the dos.

Let’s launch into the Don’t list:

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