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Magnesium and Whales?

Perhaps you think I’m joking. Not at all. Whales are constantly immersed in seawater, which contains 1300 parts per million of magnesium.

I must tell you about my whale watching adventure last week. The whales were everywhere, beside us, around us and under us, in great pods of males fighting for the attention of several females. In retrospect it was probably scary, but I was too excited to notice.

However, when I went for a swim later that day, my feet cramped up. For me, a sure sign of magnesium deficiency. Then I realized that the stress of my morning adventure had burned up my magnesium. So, just a heads up for you folks who are under stress — you may want to stock up on magnesium.

A recent magnesium miracle I want to share with you.

“The other night, while I was sleeping, my inside ankle bone began having electric shocks, strong enough to wake me and keep me up all night. I kept trying to change my position, but nothing helped. I continued shocking all the next day, when I had an appointment with my Naprapath, and he couldn’t figure out what was causing it. He even tried cold laser…nothing helped. Later that evening I decided to try magnesium oil. I sprayed some on, rubbed it in. I had a few more twinges that got lighter and lighter, then it stopped altogether. It’s been three days now. Miraculous magnesium. I am still walking around with my little spray bottle of ‘magnesium oil’, just in case.”

by Dr Carolyn Dean

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