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by Robyn Chuter

A reader’s story

I was sent the following account by a reader, in response to my article Déjà vu all over again: The whooping cough vaccine fiasco. It’s a truly chilling story, which underlines the fact that, as I wrote in Your doctor is not your doctor,


“The forced incorporation of health practitioners into the apparatus of public health has for all intents and purposes destroyed the doctor-patient relationship.”

Your doctor is not your doctor


A doctor cannot serve the interests of his or her patients, while also serving as an enforcer of state-sanctioned vaccination policies. Jennifer’s story is a warning to all of us, that we must always question everything we’re instructed or advised to do by any medical practitioner, and for that matter, any alternative health practitioner.

Jennifer was a young mum at the time that she and her sons were unwittingly enrolled into a medical experiment, without any informed consent. Thankfully, all three appear to have evaded long-term harm, and the experience made Jennifer a far more discerning customer of the medical business. Many people have not been so lucky.

Without further ado, here is Jennifer’s story, shared with her permission.

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Informed consent for vaccination died decades ago (