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Improve Your Appearance

According to a new study, five portions daily of fruits and vegetables can give your skin a glow, making you appear more attractive.

Scientists have discovered that the yellow-red pigmentation in produce can be absorbed by fat deposits in skin, thus giving it a healthier hue. Researchers at the University of St. Andrews (UK) found that eating just two additional portions of fruit and veggies per day would bring about a noticeable change in skin colour within six weeks.

“Most of us know we should eat plenty of fruit and veg, yet we are not sufficiently motivated to actually go ahead and eat a healthy diet,” Ross Whitehead, who led the research, said.

“We hope that by highlighting the rapidly achievable benefits of a healthy diet on our attractiveness, people will eat more healthfully,” he continued. “Knowing you are going to look more attractive in a few weeks may be more persuasive than the promise of health benefits later in life.”

Additional testing found that those who ate large helpings of produce regularly were rated more attractive than people who only ate small amounts.

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