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Woman with kidney pain

Kidney Failure

I was 19 and had been under specialists for two years with ongoing bladder and kidney infections and was constantly on antibiotics. Finally I was booked into hospital and told one kidneys had died and had to be removed and the other kidney was only functioning at 40% so I was probably going to end up on dialysis. Our naturopath convinced me to sign myself out of hospital. At home our naturopath nursed me for two months. She promised me healthy kidneys and at the end of two months they were both functioning well. For the first time in two years I had no pain or blood passing urine. She then proceeded to tell me what had caused all this and how to care for my kidneys. I have had two children and now many years later still have both kidneys functioning well. I also learnt from her how to fix cystitis without taken any antibiotics and how soft drinks and instant coffee, plus alcohol had contributed to my kidney problem.

Muriel Morrison was my naturopath. Over a period of a year she taught me how to use a pendulum for checking all foods, prescriptions and vitamin tables so I would never take anything that was harmful for me. I have taught my daughter how to do this too. These days I have proved to my Dr and chemist that using the pendulum is 100% full proof and they are even happy for me to use it in the hospital. I have seen they are running courses on using a pendulum, but I’m sad they do not do a test to see if you can. Not all people can use one. Muriel gave me the test to see if I had the sensitivity to use one and I passed. Our local naturopath paid a lot of money for a course on using a pendulum, but discovered though they said she had passed, when home she could not get correct readings so gave up using it.

I do many checks for people, but never charge anything as Muriel never charged me a cent to care for me and teach me so I believe in passing on what I learnt in the hope it will help others as it helped me and probably saved my life. I am now 72, am on no medication, have no diabetes and have optimal blood pressure. I was born with a genetically inherited arthritis and could not walk at age 9, so my parents took me to one of the first Chiropractors. He got me walking and taught me how to stay that way. I have never taken any of the arthritis drugs as Muriel taught me how to help that without them, but have always relied on exercise, diet and weekly massage. I have worked full time for over 49 years, published a book and still cut all my friends and family’s hair. I managed two motels and a caravan park and the rest of my work life worked for Community bridging services as office manager helping people with disabilities get jobs. I hold a degree in journalism and a certificate in teaching pain management from the Arthritis Foundation.

My father once said we learn until the day we pass on unless we’re dead from the neck up. I always laughed at this.

I am hoping my life experiences will help someone with health challenges realize you can do something about them. As Muriel taught me, it’s your body learn how it works and learn what to do to keep it healthy. Each person is different.

Kind Regards