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Epidural Nightmare

Our Eldest son is now 30 , he was supposed to be a natural birth , back in 1980 we didn’t have google to search for contraindications , so I was in a normal labor but took the advice to have a “simple epidural” , I can’t really remember much after they attempted 5 times to administer it but on go 6 they got the epidural in (at T12) I had the sensation of what felt like boiling water shooting up to my head , I instantly went into spasm , my husband was escorted out of the operating room , they did an emergency cesarean as the baby went into stress mode and I couldn’t control the spasms in my neck and body – I felt the c/sect slice as the epidural had gone wrong and hadn’t numbed the area , they then knocked me out .I woke in traction couldn’t sit up couldn’t hold my baby and needed a catheter to pee for weeks , I found out years later my bladder had been cut and now has keloid scar tissue forming a figure 8 so I cant empty my bladder properly.

I had an infection in T12 that was picked up 12 months later as my back pain was too intense for me to function , I was put on intravenous antibiotics to deal with pneumonia and the back pain.

So today I’m still dealing with inflammation in my body, T12 is dark in xrays instead of white, I have nerve damage at T12 (spondyloarthropathy) which effects my right eye.

* I had 2 other children naturally after that mess , no drugs or intervention needed.

And that’s why I followed Doctors are Dangerous